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Skins — CKEditor Sample. CKEditor is a WYSIWYG editor, so it makes it easy for end users to work on HTML content without any knowledge of HTML whatsoever. More advanced users, however, sometimes want to access raw HTML source code for their content and CKEditor makes it possible by providing two dedicated plugins: Source Editing Area and Source Dialog., 9/24/2012 · This article is about how to use CKEditor non ASP.NET version in ASP.NET web page. So now you can use an HTML editor in ASP.NET without using the AJAX control tool or AJAX assembly file. When you will click on Show button the contents of Editor will be saved in Hidden Field control using the.

Using API to Customize Dialog Windows — CKEditor Sample

GitHub kylebunting/ckeditor-docs-samples Code samples. CKEditor with a specified skin (in this case, the "Office 2003" skin) is inserted with a JavaScript call using the following code: CKEDITOR.replace( 'textarea_id', { skin : 'office2003'}); Note that textarea_id in the code above is the id attribute of the